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July 23, 2006
The Security Prosperity Partnership (SPP) ~ Coming Soon: The ‘Amero’
marty kleva

The State of the World is in chaos . . . on the verge of WWIII, some would say we are already there. Iraq is in turmoil and despite protests to the contrary, is in the midst of civil war, all under the auspices of the United States off-Broadway team of Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Rice, and onetime crony and star, John Ashcroft.

The likes of Israelis and Palestinians have been killing each other since the dawn of time, and now Israel has expanded its territory of operation as it invades its neighbor Lebanon under the aegis that Lebanon harbors their enemy Hesbollah, and that they must strike back in the name of the several Israeli soldiers who were captured and killed.

Israel’s invasion is no mere drop in the bucket. It has the most modern army supplied with tanks and artillery of the finest available . . . namely bought from the military industrial complex of the U.S. They don’t wear the outdated personal equipment that U.S. soldiers wear in Iraq. They wear the best!

They don’t have to question their heads of state as to why they are using and wearing old and outdated equipment like the U.S. soldier who stood up to question Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld in Iraq last week, and get the flippant answer Rumsfeld gave to that brave yet exposed soldier and be told to “ask General Casey about that”!

How can any American who says they support our troops let that fly and not call out the Administration on their off-the-wall attitudes toward the American soldiers they have put in harms way? This is not to mention the incredible task U.S. soldiers have been given under the extreme duress of extra duty time, and insufficient medical treatment for PTSD.

If you are of the opinion that these issues are a problem, then let me assure you that the problem we face at home, may be even greater. I say this knowing that innocent children and people are being slaughtered by bombs and artillery bought from the American Military Industrial Complex and subsidized with American taxpayers’ money — the blood is on our hands no matter how far removed it may be!

The UN says almost a third of the dead and wounded in Lebanon are children. . . all by American made bullets and rockets that have our name on them — soon to be replaced with “bunker buster” bombs that the U.S. will deliver to Israel that are a part of an arms package approved by Congress in April of 2005, which according to the agreement, Israel can tap into whenever it needs.

Bunker buster bombs suck the air from underground installations, suffocating those within. The US has admitted that it used depleted uranium weaponry over the last decade against bunkers in Iraq, Kosovo, and Afghanistan. Since 1997 the United States has been modifying and upgrading its missiles and guided (smart) bombs, which involves replacing a conventional warhead by a heavy, dense metal one. The two possible conclusions as to their content is that they are composed of either tungsten or depleted uranium.

Tungsten has too many problems to use, but DU is a nuclear waste, and is available free to arms manufacturers. By using it in a range of weapons, this significantly reduces the US nuclear waste storage problem. On impact, DU itself is transformed into a fine uranium oxide powder, producing dust small enough to be breathed in.

Radiation emitted by DU threatens the human body because, once DU dust has been inhaled, it becomes an internal radiation source.

Uranium from reactors, also called Dirty DU, recycled for use in munitions, contains additional highly toxic elements, such as plutonium. According to Robert James Parsons, of Le Monde Diplomatique, “Rather than depleted uranium, it should be called uranium plus.”

Elliot Borin in his article “U.S. Stocking Uranium-Rich Bombs?” says, “Perhaps the most extraordinary official endorsement of depleted uranium's benign nature came from former Secretary of Defense William Cohen, who once deemed it as safe as ‘leaded paint.’”

This is what we are selling to Israel! This is what they will use on Lebanon people, if they haven’t already done so. We will be told that they are smart bombs and pinpointed to the Hezbollah only. If they were so smart why do the UN statistics say that almost a third of the dead and wounded in Lebanon are children?

Despite all reports and studies to the contrary, the Pentagon and the Veterans Administration adamantly insist that depleted uranium is absolutely harmless to everyone involved including our U.S. soldiers, and is in no way responsible for any of the symptoms associated with the so-called "Gulf War syndrome."

To read more on what I have already said about DU through my research, check out my article posted February 10, 2006, The Next Uranium Sensation.

In the meantime, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will wait until today, Sunday, July 23rd to visit the Middle East, her first trip to the region since the crisis erupted over a week ago! As reported by the BBC, “CBS News chief White House correspondent Jim Axelrod reports that the fact that Rice is not coming to Israel until Sunday is an implied green light to Israel to keep hammering at Hezbollah for at least two more days.”

There is a huge difference between the Hezbollah and the Lebanese whose country is being demolished and whose people are being murdered. This is a perfect example of twisted, non-logical reasoning . . . which gets spun over and over until we cannot trace it back to its origin. This is unreasonable, emotional-psychological fear that inhabits those who are more willing to blindly strike out at the unseen enemy who is “out to get them” and who wants to “murder them in their beds” instead of tenaciously insisting on working out a diplomatic solution where the parties must personally face each other rather than sending a bomb in their place. The literal “projection” of hatred and contempt for the other is more palpable than anything imaginable.

I say that if this is what the leaders want, then make them confront each other face to face and fight to the death . . . and when they are done if the new opponent still wants blood, the process be repeated. Nothing else is a consequence. No border, no land, no control will change hands. The people of the warring leaders will remain as they are. The fight will be carried on only between the leaders, over and over.

Until . . . one of the leaders figures out that it might be in his best interest that he convince his opponent to talk rather than fight and possibly die.

Think this will float? Nah!!! We have no personal or political integrity left in this world! There are no brave men who are leaders who will stand up for their country or for their people! If you have been reading any of my comments you will know that I believe that we do not have what we the common person thinks of as a leader. Leaders no longer need to prove themselves with leadership qualities to the people.

Today, leaders are made by the elitists who own the corporate complex that is run by a different set of rules. The person with the most cunning, clever, deceitful intent backed by the corporate finances is whose leadership is decided. There is no contest as we think of it. There isn’t even a vote that cannot be changed and manipulated through electronic warfare, even coming down to the minutes before an “election” winner is declared.

We are taught a double standard. All the games and contests we engage in are purported to hold rules of integrity. While these might be the rules we must play by, the real corporate elitists play by an entirely different set.

Sorry folks, but as I see it, this is the State of the World as we presently have it.

Last time I wrote of the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership) signed by political leaders of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico in 2005. Have you realized yet that the language of that agreement is so vague as to defy definition? Did it put you to sleep? Did your eyes glaze over and did you throw up your hands in defeat?

Well it surely is easy enough to do when trying to make sense of the rhetoric that has been put together by a group of elite business leaders who do not speak for the people of any the three countries, least of all for you and I, the people of the United States, and whose stated agenda includes working towards borders that allow for the easier and faster moving of goods and people between the three countries.

The SPP has no authorization from the Congress of the United States, and in fact usurps the Constitution. Yet President Bush, with blatant and outright confiscation of power, signed such a pact under our very noses!

The SPP “working groups” are intensifying the efforts of the private corporate agenda, which formed the SPP, and which used its corporate government heads, namely Bush, Fox, and Harper to spearhead said private corporate agenda.

To date, only one member of Congress, Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colorado has challenged the legality of the activities of the administrative branch to implement the trilateral agreement without the authorization of Congress, demanding to know membership names of the SPP groups, and any other undisclosed agreements reached with their Mexican and Canadian counterparts.

According to Joseph Farah of WorldNet Daily (WND), “Geri Word, who heads the SPP office, told WND that names had not been disclosed because, ‘We did not want to get the contact people of the working groups distracted by calls from the public.’”

To date, there can be no congressional legislation found authorizing SPP working groups nor any congressional oversight committees to oversee the proceedings.

Farah also reports that the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which is not a governmental council, but a private group seen as a secretive, shadow government, issued a report after the March 2005 announcements of the SPP in Waco by Bush, Fox and Martin.

The Pittsburgh Tribune Review recently questioned the unchallenged momentum toward a unified Trilateral North America reporting in an editorial stating that, "The Council on Foreign Relations published a report in May – ‘Building a North American Community’ -- calling for, among other things, redefining the borders of the three nations, creating a super-regional governance board and the North American Paramilitary Group to ensure that Congress does not interfere with whatever the trilateral union feels like doing,"

The editorial asked, "Must the Bush administration happily sacrifice every shred of American sovereignty for the greater good of the New World Order?"

The CFR report outlines a five-year plan for the “establishment by 2010 of a North American economic and security community” toward the effort to secure a common “outer security perimeter."

That certainly sheds light on George Bush’s continual evasive rhetoric on border control and immigration policies with Mexico, because within four years according to the CFR report, there will not be a border to quibble about! We will be unified and mergered under a regional government within a “common economic space . . . for all people in the region, a space in which trade, capital and people flow freely."

And did you catch the North American Paramilitary Group? Does this put the U.S. military, who take an oath to uphold the Constitution, in a precarious position?

The CFR Report also calls to "harmonize visa and asylum regulations", and for efforts to "harmonize entry screening."

Along the line of harmonization, and remembering the keywords from the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS from the last article, I am informed through John Hammell of International Advocates for Health Freedom (IAHF), that the Federal Drug Administration has been engaged in conferences with both CODEX and SPP without a congressional mandate to hold that respective chair, and therefore does so illegally forming the Trilateral Cooperation Charter between, The Health Products and Food Branch, Health Canada; The Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health and Human Services of The United States of America; and The Federal Commission for the Protection from Sanitary Risks, Secretaria de Salud, Mexico.

One can only wonder where the harmonization of drugs vs. supplements will lead to when we combine NAFTA with the WTO! Presently, according to John, here is the list of members of the Congressional Oversight Committee which he will be visiting personally through the 27th demanding to know where they stand in regards to this issue of SPP working groups and the FDA and CODEX, and to let them know how their views and actions will reflect on their next election bid.

I am enclosing the members’ names of the Congressional Oversight Subcommittee. I think it might be a genuinely enlightening experience to call on these public servants, who by the way just recently gave themselves a pay raise, and give them a taste of good ole down-home American hospitality!

And while we’re at it, tell them just what we think about having one border with Mexico and Canada; how we do not wish to be ruled by a regional government of corporate leaders who use a hired paramilitary to keep us in line; how we do not wish to lead lives under constant biometric scrutiny; how we do not want to be told what dietary supplements we can/cannot take, or how much we are/are not allowed, that we must have a prescription for everything; how we do not wish to owe our souls to the “company store.”

Let them know that we are not going to take any sweet talk from them, and that we are going to closely monitor them, that we will be like a tsetse fly on their backs! Read them the riot act — hold them accountable — someone must light a fire under their arses! Let it be you and me.

Capital Switchboard 202-224-3121.

Jim Greenwood, Pennsylvania / Chairman
Michael Bilirakis, Florida
Cliff Stearns, Florida
Paul Gillmor, Ohio
Richard Burr, North Carolina
Edward Whitfield, Kentucky / Vice Chairman
Charlie Bass, New Hampshire
Ernie Fletcher, Kentucky
Billy Tauzin, Louisiana/ (Ex Officio)

Peter Deutsch, Florida
Bart Stupak, Michigan
Ted Strickland, Ohio
Diana DeGette, Colorado
Christopher John, Louisiana
Bobby Rush, Illinois
John Dingell, Michigan / (Ex Officio)

Backtracking to harmonizing “visa and asylum regulations", and “entry screening" by the SPP and CFR.

The report from the CFR called "Building a North American Community," was released in May 2005, just after the March SPP announcements. The 59-page report lays out the five-year plan culminating with the "establishment by 2010 of a North American economic and security community" that calls for:

>> Open Borders.
>> A continental biometric ID system.
>> Merging all intelligence and security operations of Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.
>> Creation of the “Amero” replacing the dollar, introduced by Robert Pastor in “Toward a North American Community.”

The Real ID Act, Congress passed in May 2005, will require as of 2008, biometric identifiers on driver licenses and birth certificates beginning that year, and stipulates that the information shall be filed with Homeland Security and also be available to Canada and Mexico.

Does this remind you of a Monkey in the Middle game being played on the American people between all branches of our government and the private corporate sector! They say, “Here, I’ll give you Security, Protection, and Prosperity (SPP)”, to dispel our fears while they keep the game away from us and simultaneously pull the rug out from our homes and financial security, take away the Constitution, remove the sovereignty of the US, and place all of us under biometric surveillance.

Where I come from folks, that’s the epitome of demonic kindness to the ignorant: holding out a golden apple in front of us, with a knife at our collective backs.

Frankly, I hold all elected officials accountable without exception. They have not raised the issue of SPP, or the agenda of the CFR. They have voted for CAFTA and NAFTA!

Rep. Katherine Harris, R-FL (remember her hand in the 2000 election vote that helped place George Bush in the presidential office), as a member of the non-governmental NFR Council has introduced into Congress, the North American Cooperative Treaty Act that will begin to merge the intelligence and security operations of the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Have we ever seen more proof of conflict of interest? Ooops, I forgot, there is no such thing anymore. Just like it is unbelievable that we the American people would allow Congress to decide their own paycheck! How would you like to walk up to your boss tomorrow morning and tell him the amount of money that he will pay you? Sure, and see how far that gets you on your way out the door!

My friends, what we have here is a silent coup! The United States Constitution and the country we call America has been taken over without one single shot fired!

On June 15, U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, Mexican Economy Minister Sergio Garcia de Alba and Canadian Minister of Industry Maxime Bernier joined North American business leaders to launch the North American Competitiveness Council (NACC) in a public move that forwards the SPP agenda.

Made up of 10 high-level business leaders from each country, the NACC will meet annually with senior North American government officials "to provide recommendations and help set priorities for promoting regional competitiveness in the global economy." Officially, the council has the mandate to advise the governments on improving trade in key sectors such as automobiles, transportation, manufacturing and services. The three countries do more than $800 billion in trilateral trade.

According to Gutierrez, the Bush administration is determined to develop a "border pass" on schedule despite worries about its implementation. The new land pass is to be in effect for Canadians, Americans and Mexicans by Jan. 1, 2008.

The U.S. executives involved in the NACC include: United Parcel Service Inc. Chairman Michael Eskew; Frederick Smith, chairman of FedEx Corp.; Lou Schorsh, chief executive of Mittal Steel USA; Joseph Gilmour, president of New York Life Insurance Co.; William Clay Ford, chairman of Ford Motor Co.; Rick Wagoner, chairman of General Motors Corp.; Raymond Gilmartin, CEO of Merck & Co. Inc.; David O'Reilly, chief executive of Chevron Corp.; Jeffrey Immelt, chairman of General Electric Co.; Lee Scott, president of Wal-Mart Stores Inc.; Robert Stevens, chairman of Lockheed Martin Corp.; Michael Haverty, chairman of Kansas City Southern; Douglas Conant, president of Campbell's Soup Co. and James Kilt, vice-chairman of Gillette Inc.

As Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily points out, “The concerns about which direction such powerful men could lead Americans without their knowledge is only heightened when interlocking networks are discovered. For instance, one of the components envisioned for this future ‘North American Union’ is a superhighway running from Mexico, through the U.S. and into Canada. It is being promoted by the North American SuperCorridor Coalition, or NASCO, a non-profit group ‘dedicated to developing the world's first international, integrated and secure, multi-modal transportation system along the International Mid-Continent Trade and Transportation Corridor to improve both the trade competitiveness and quality of life in North America.’

The president of NASCO is George Blackwood, who earlier launched the North American International Trade Corridor Partnership. In fact, NAITCP later morphed into NASCO. A NAIPC summit meeting in 2004, attended by senior Mexican government officials, heard from Robert Pastor, an American University professor who wrote "Toward a North American Community," a book promoting the development of a North American union as a regional government and the adoption of the amero as a common monetary currency to replace the dollar and the peso.

Pastor also was vice chairman of the May 2005 Council on Foreign Relations task force entitled ‘Building a North American Community’ that presents itself as a blueprint for using bureaucratic action within the executive branches of Mexico, the U.S. and Canada to transform the current trilateral Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America into a North American union regional government.”

In the paper “The Case For The Amero”, in the 1999 Fraser Institute Critical Issues Bulletin, author Herbert G, Grubel states that “As an economist, . . . I think that sovereignty is not infinitely valuable. The merit of giving up some aspects of sovereignty should be determined by the gains brought by such a sacrifice.”

He goes on to point out that when in the past the U.S. signed on as member of the WTO, formerly the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and more recently, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), we did “surrender a significant degree of national sovereignty.”

Again, the words are mollifying, but I must continue to view them with considerable skepticism. Looking at the financial growth and stability of the average American today, it does not bear out that the decision to enter into all those past agreements has served us well. And who points out the actual losses of our personal sovereignties that have been literally stripped from us by the Patriot Act. Let me remind everyone how we have recently learned that the Bush administration has been secretly and illegally eavesdropping on American citizens since even before the Patriot Act!

Would I trust such a government that has surreptitiously taken the helm of the country out of the hands of the people who built it?

Joseph Farah points out above that an important interlocking component is NASCO, the North American SuperCorridor Coalition which is responsible for what is referred to as the NAFTA Super-Highway, and in its own words, is “dedicated to developing the world’s first international, integrated and secure, multi-modal transportation system along the International Mid-Continent Trade and Transportation Corridor to improve both the trade competitiveness and quality of life in North America.”

The NAFTA Super-Highway is the transportation corridor that encompasses Interstate Highways 35, 29 and 94, and “the significant east/west connectors to those highways in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.”

It extends from the Pacific deep-water ports of Manzanillo and Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico through North America’s second largest border crossing of Laredo, Texas and Neuvo Laredo, Mexico, moving northward through Texas toward the largest border crossing in North America, The Ambassador Bridge in Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Canada. From there it will branch out westward toward Vancouver BC, and eastward to the Canadian cities of Toronto and Ottawa.

This is not something that is a figment of the imagination. NASCO has its own website stating the goals. However, once again, we encounter the conspiracy CIA slide as NASCO spends an inordinate amount of time on this site debunking what it calls myths!

There is so much doublespeak on this site that it makes the head spin. You wonder who they are trying to talk around. It is so unconscionably demeaning and patronizing. You have to also wonder who would spend so much time and money creating such rubbish. In one breath they debunk that there is “no new, proposed NAFTA Superhighway”, and in the next breath they say “it exists today as I-35.” and that they are committed to “developing” it.

Oh my! How stupid do they think people are? Or perhaps it is they who are the stupid ones!

The highway’s existence is not in question! It is already in place. What they don’t say is that they have plans to expand the highway and modernize it. They say, “Our mission is to develop (NOT BUILD) the world’s first international, integrated and securer, multimodal transportation system . . . . Out of EXISTING infrastructure.”

Now how do you suppose they are going to develop and not build it! Perhaps they are off their venerable rockers after all! Are they going to create it out of thin air?

They admit they will use existing infrastructure, an infrastructure that was provided by American taxpayer dollars. Are they going to pay the taxpayers for using the assets of the people? Not in this corporate America! They will toll us instead.

They, are a non-profit 501c6 organization that functions as a trade association and sometimes lobbying group for the public and private entities that are members. NASCO will take control and “develop” this international highway to include security measures never before seen that includes a “toll” to all users that would necessitate the use of a biometric ID, and that would monitor every inch of that highway — to make you and me feel safe.

The American part of this highway will pave its way through Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas.

According to some activists, it is Interstate 69 and has such names as the "North American trade route," "international trade route," and the "NAFTA corridor."

The next tier of Interstate 69 scheduled to be built is the branch that crosses through Indiana and will provide a direct connection between Indianapolis and Evansville. It is said that the environmental impact will be devastating, cutting down around 1150 acres of forest and destroying more than 300 acres of rich wetlands.

The new route is sure to destroy Indiana’s sensitive karst landscape, which is not found in many other areas. The highway is planned to bisect the New Pakota Wetlands Project as well as the Wildlife Refuge (which is home to threatened or endangered species).

The Federal Government plans to toll federal taxpayers with 80% of this cost or around 1.44 billion dollars (this is only for the Indiana segment). The entire highway (linking Canada with Mexico) will cost the federal taxpayers somewhere between 6 and 10 billion dollars.

Activist April writes on indymedia that, “An unusual coalition of people has come together in Indiana to oppose the new highway. Environmentalists to hunters and businesspeople to farmers have joined voices to call out against I-69. Editorials have been written in almost all major Indiana newspapers against the proposed new highway. An alternative route has been introduced that will cut out all federal spending and save Indiana an estimated $680 million dollars. The new route will use US 41/I-70 and improve those existing highways

This summer, thousands of people plan to converge in Indiana where the construction of I-69 has been contested. Embracing a variety of approaches the activists plan to put a stop to I-69 and deal a crucial blow to the FTAA.”

Sprout on earthfirstjournal.org, writes that I-69 has been planned for more than 15 years and that in Indianapolis, its construction has been resisted and delayed since the days of NAFTA’s passage. Sprout further states, “With the passage of the FTAA and the integration of the Western Hemisphere into a single economic zone to be dominated by multinational corporations, this proposed superhighway would provide a straight shot from the blossoming sweatshop zones of Latin America to the strip malls of the US and Canada.”

NASCO still insists that it is not building anything. Here again is the doublespeak similar to the administration not wiretapping the American people, and not spying on American bank records. They hired others to do it for them, namely AT&T to do the wiretapping in a specially built room, and the private European company SWIFT to monitor bank transfers to and from the U.S. Ask any European and they will tell you that they know their SWIFT number. Anyone outside the U.S., including any foreign terrorist has an entirely different and more mature understanding of the international banking system than we do. It’s time for us to grow up and realize that our government does not have lily-white hands and that we have some responsibility for the false facade that has worn very thin with the rest of the world.

When reality gets this thin, insanity cannot be far behind. Its time to seriously question the mentality behind the deliberate deceit. It is found all over our government, from the White House news briefs and off the cuff remarks made by the president, to the lies that supported the administration’s accusations that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, to the deceit that was perpetrated upon the American people and those in the World Trade Building as NOT ONE American military defense plane was launched to avert those airliners on that day of ultimate deceit. Not once did the president leave the second grade classroom to take care of business to protect the American people! It was allowed to proceed as planned without interference until it was over. Are we so naive to believe that this was the work of unskilled pilots when skilled pilots testify that the maneuvers made by those planes were almost impossible to make by a skilled and experienced pilot?

We are in for a rude awakening, one that I fear may come too late.

NASCO is one of these RA’s. So we have NASCO saying they are not building one solitary thing. But if you wade through the thin veil of deceit here, you find that who in fact is building the Super Duper Highway is non other than NASCO’s member organizations! Surprise! Surprise!

We find that the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is a NASCO member and NASCO supports the Trans-Texas Corridor as part of that relationship. On March 11, 2005, TxDOT signed a definitive agreement with Cintra Zachry, a limited partnership formed by Cintra Concesiones de Infraestructures de Transport in Spain and the San Antonio-based Zachry Construction Co. “to develop the Oklahoma to Mexico/Gulf Coast element of the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC-35).

This agreement calls for the Cintra-Zachry limited partnership to pay Texas $1.2 billion “for the long-term right to build and operate the initial segment as a toll facility.” The initial TTC-35 segment is scheduled to be built roughly parallel to I-35 between Dallas and San Antonio. The final public hearings are scheduled in Texas for July and August. Texans, please check the links at the bottom to learn so much more, and to join other Texians to put a stop to this.

While construction contracts have yet to be finalized, Cintra-Zachry presumably holds those rights as a result of the $1.2 billion payment to Texas, as described in the March 11, 2005, contract. The timeline published on the Trans-Texas Corridor website envisions final federal approval by the summer of 2007, with the construction of the first TTC-35 segment to follow immediately afterward.

According to the 4,000-page draft environmental impact statement, the plan is to build a 4,000-mile network of new super-highways called the Trans-Texas Corridor, or TTC, that will be “up to 1,200 feet wide (at full build-out) with twelve lanes across in total, described in the 4,000 page draft environmental study as including separate lanes "for passenger vehicles and large trucks, freight railways, high-speed commuter railways, and a corridor for utilities including water lines, oil and natural gas pipelines, and transmission lines for electricity, broadband and other telecommunications services."

Writer Jerome Corsi, also of WorldNetDaily, says that: The NAFTA Super Corridor will be constructed largely by private companies that intend to operate the new I-35 as a toll road. The city of Kansas City, Mo., and the Kansas City SmartPort are both listed on the NASCO website as NASCO members. The Kansas City Area Development Council has directly confirmed that the Kansas City SmartPort intends to build a Mexican customs facility to facilitate out-going traffic headed to Mexico. A copy of the Kansas City council resolution authorizing the construction of the Mexican customs facility can be found on the Internet.

Yet, in March 2005, Kansas City signed a cooperative pact with representatives from the Mexican state of Michoacan and with representatives from Lazaro Cardenas, a deep-port town on the Pacific coast south of the Baha peninsula, to increase the cargo volume between Lazaro Cardenas and Kansas City. The goal is to bring super-ships carrying 4,000 containers or more from China and the Far East into Mexico so the containers can be moved into the heart of the United States, bypassing the West Coast ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Right now transportation costs about double the cost of cheap goods made in China and the Far East. The Kansas City SmartPort plan offers a methodology for cutting out U.S. workers from the International Longshoremen’s Association, the United Transportation Union and the Teamsters. As the brochure explains:

Shipments will be pre-screened in Southeast Asia and the shipper will send advance notification to Mexican and American Customs with the corresponding “pre-clearance” information on the cargo. Upon arrival in Mexico, containers will pass through multiple X-ray and gamma ray screenings, allowing any containers with anomalies to quickly be removed for further inspection.

Container shipments will be tracked using intelligent transportation systems (ITS) that could include global positioning systems (GPS) or radio frequency identification systems (RFID) and monitored by the ITS on their way to inland trade-processing centers in Kansas City and elsewhere in the United States.

The Kansas City SmartPort brochure could not be more explicit; “Kansas City offers the opportunity for sealed cargo containers to travel to Mexican port cities with virtually no border delays. It will streamline shipments from Asia and cut the time and labor costs associated with shipping through the congested ports on the West Coast.”

As reported, the plan for the NAFTA Super-Highway is intended to be built incrementally, designed to stay below the radar of mainstream media attention. The full build-out of the Trans-Texas Corridor’s 4,000-mile planned network is projected to be completed in discrete stages, over the next 50 years. This gives plenty of time to expand the super-highway network incrementally, state-by-state up-and-down the various identified NAFTA corridors.

The plan to create a North American Union as a regional government in 2010 is directly stated only in the May 2005 task force report, “Building a North American Community.” Still, to be examined is how the Security and Prosperity Partnership signed by President Bush with Mexico and Canada in Waco, Tex., on March 23, 2005, is being implemented. Government offices, such as the SPP working groups being organized within the U.S. Department of Commerce, are signing trilateral memoranda of understanding and other agreements with Mexico and Canada consistent with the goal of fulfilling the CFR’s dream to bring about a North American Union by 2010.

NASCO is a trade organization that will never fund or build a single highway anywhere. Yet NASCO supports its members and NASCO members are hard at work building the NAFTA Super-Highway.

Corsi continues, saying “To get a feel for how transportation planners are influenced by globalist economic thinking, consider this 2005 analysis written by Leonard Krouner in the Voice of San Diego:

The Los Angeles/Long Beach and Seattle/Tacoma harbors are the only two West Coast ports between Alaska and Chile that can be used by super-cargo "post-Panamax" ships with a 4,000 standardized cargo container capacity. The ability to off-load, move, unload, store and distribute cargo from these ships requires expansion of California's transportation infrastructure. Delays increasing costs for cargo movement at the Los Angeles/Long Beach port such as those extant during the 2003 longshoreman labor unrest, and the 2004 arrival of too many ships in a single time period with cargo for distribution prior to the Christmas holidays are motivating mega importers Wal-Mart and Home Depot to invest in warehouse facilities in less expensive states such as Georgia.”

On June 7, 2004, the U.S. Supreme Court in the case Department of Transportation v. Public Citizen ruled in favor of the Bush administration's argument that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration lacked the authority to exercise environmental controls to prevent Mexican trucks from openly operating in the U.S. under NAFTA. This ruling was key in the Bush administration's determination to open U.S. borders to Mexican trucks under the trade agreement. Had the Supreme Court decided otherwise, the NAFTA Super Corridor project would have suffered a setback.

Corsi says, “I continue to argue that a ‘follow the money’ strategy must be utilized to understand why President Bush has refused to close our border with Mexico, pushing instead for ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ legislation that would allow the vast majority of illegal immigrants now in the U.S. to remain under a ‘guest worker’ or ‘pathway to citizenship’ provision. The underlying agenda of the Bush administration seems to be to create a NAFTA-plus environment in which workers, trade and capital will be allowed to flow unimpeded within the trilateral North American community consisting of the United States, Canada and Mexico.”

I agree with Mr. Corsi that it is helpful to follow the money. It is also my belief that as we do follow the money, we still miss what’s behind it. There is just so much money involved, and one would think that it would be enough after a certain amount. But it does not seem to be so. People who I talk with have the same comment and question, and say, “But they already have everything. Why would they want more?”

It always seems to come back to this final question; one that reasonably balanced people cannot seem to fathom the answer to. I believe the keywords here are “reasonably balanced”. Even when people are of different opinions, when there is a reasonable balance, their opinions do not absolutely negate the other person’s existence or worth. Once they do, then there is a lot of covert manipulation to hide the truth. We used to call it lying. But that truth saying is not well accepted in this culture where words and actions never meet, where saying one thing means the opposite, where words are twisted and turned so many times that it is too confusing to straighten out the truth of their meaning.

What we have is a small community of people who have got hold of the power by twisted means, and who convince each other that in order to hold onto that power, they must create a believable reality to influence the rest of the community to go along with them. And so we have a manufactured conflict, namely Saddam Hussein and WOMD to keep the people preoccupied with their safe being while those in power go about to use this to their advantage in order to take more power, namely via the Patriot Act.

One more interlock to be aware of is that most members of George Bush’s cabinet and advisors are also members of the CFR!

More than anything else, this points out the absolute deceit and outright authoritarian arrogance of the private corporatist agenda to override the rights of the American people and the Constitution of The United States. As George Bush has stated, “It’s just a piece of paper.”

I might remind him that he swore an oath to uphold that “piece of paper.”

I hate to put forth such a seemingly depressing forecast, yet if we do not come to terms with reality in this country soon, we will be living without the middle class and we will have forfeited all those things our country was founded upon and for which our forefathers fought so dearly to establish.

No one will do it for us. The rapture will not save and deliver us. Just as the founders of this country did, we must act to save ourselves. We must rediscover that one commonality that we have with all other Americans, temporarily putting aside our separatist views of whatever — be it religion, sex, politics, etc., and come together to save the country that makes all that other possible.

Next time I will present what I believe to be the constellating factor behind this corporatist agenda.

Until then my friends, be gentle with yourself, find someone you can blow off steam with, and above all love each other.

con amore,

~ mek