Photo: Knocking On Freedom's Door

July 7, 2006
Photo: Knocking On Freedom's Door


by marty kleva

** The theme for July at GemFireAir is "Celebrating Freedom!" **

The photo "Knocking On Freedom's Door" is about as Americana as it can get. And yet I don't feel the sense of security that Americana once conveyed to me. Now I feel more attuned to what our forefathers may have been experiencing.

This is the topic of the post for July 4, 2006 at entitled "What Price Freedom?"

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety" said Benjamin Franklin.

Since I first posted the article and photo, several readers have responded with some very interesting comments, saying that the photo seems "sterile" . . . "a bit too tidy" and "not so cozy."

First let me say that this has no reflection on the physical location that I photographed or on the person(s) who live there. This is not about that, but about the symbolism of the photo that resulted and the observations that it evoked. It is also not about the quality of the photograph. This is just about the image caught and the ensuing reactions about the content.

There is something beneath the surface. Some would call it sub-liminal, unconscious, and even shadowy.

As I chose this photo posted for July 4th, 2006, I felt a subtle sense of insecurity in its content, despite the perfection symbolized by the traditional 3 patriotic American colors of red, white, and blue and commented on it. Now after others have made comments, I would like to expand my observations on it and share them with you.

The blue color is a different hue from the usual patriot blue . . . lighter, softer, and faded.

The red door, is recessed — in the shade and in the dark .

The white picket fence, a perfect symbol for safe and cozy; but here it seems to be placed to keep something out . . . it is very close to the door . . . you must walk around it to gain access to the door.

All is not what it seems here, and this can signify the underlying theme of unease in America today with constitutional rights being stripped, all in the name of keeping us safe.

I also see light coming from the right side of the photo . . . it lights the flowerpot on the ground, and the leaves of the tree, both on the left side . . . organic growth . . . the left signifying the feminine side of wisdom, the intuitive and instinctual Self.

The lock in the door is significantly illuminated . . . almost numinous, stating that the way forward is "here", and it only awaits the key to unlock the darkness.

Each of us holds our personal key to open the darkness to the light

One cannot exist without the other.

Neither is right or wrong — good or evil.

And yet the way we relate to both is different.

The dark holds secrets and things yet unknown.

Do we dare to explore the realms of the dark?

con amore,

~ mek