Leo Wanta & 27.5 Trillion American Dollars: Where Is It Going?

Leo Wanta & 27.5 Trillion American Dollars: Where Is It Going?
marty kleva
September 10, 2006

I began this as an e-mail to several close friends and family, but somewhere in the middle, decided to expand it a bit and inform the GFA audience.

There is an unreported story that involves a segment of the financial world which most of us do not realize exists, international banking.

This is about a man named Leo Wanta, con artist/hero, member of Reagan's "President's Club" (donated $50,000 to Reagan’s campaign), and appointed Ambassador of Somalia for Switzerland and Canada, who had numerous international bank accounts, and who was praised for crashing the Russian ruble at the end of the Cold War.

It reads like a Bond movie, except that real people have been killed and are dead, real people are manipulating the masses . . . the masses that some now believe to be nothing less than a slave-state.

Are you one of the masses?

There is more — far more than I can present in one post and so I am simply passing on to you the best sources that I can find.

This is not about partisan politics . . . there are incredible numbers of people on both sides of the aisle who are in it up to their un-royal arses! I am only the messenger here.


~ mek

Here are links to what is being hailed to be the most unreported US-WORLD financial story in history. I saw references to it months ago, and tried to find mainstream stories on it to no avail. As far as I can tell, it is simply TOO HOT to be reported.

I can believe it — what you will read is UNbelievable, yet there are too many credible people involved for it to go without being checked out.

The story goes back to Reagan and Leo Wanta, legal trustor of trillions of dollars earmarked by Reagan for the benefit of the American people that is presently being illegally slotted into ‘other’ accounts.

The story includes the US defaulting/reneging on payment to European countries, China, Mexico, and Canada for their past assistance to the U.S. in causing the not-so-long-ago decline of the Russian ruble.

It involves several Presidents of the U.S. (Clinton and the Bushes), the present Treasury Secretary, and may originate with what is referred to as the October Surprise issue of the Iran Hostage situation connected to the 1980 Reagan election results. It also includes the Vince Foster affair, and more.

Could there possibly be more!

“Wanta claims the $4.5 trillion has been diverted and stolen with the complicity of high level officials, including the President of the United States George Bush, Secretary of the Treasury, Henry M. Paulson, Jr., the U.S. Attorney Gen. Alberto Gonzalez, the Supreme Court and other high level officials.”

The purpose of this post is first, to provide a heads up, and second, to give you access to the few places that I have found coherent and concise reporting on this issue. . . one being through reporter Greg Szymanski and his site The Arctic Beacon.

Below are three of Greg’s articles (short enough to quickly scan) that provide enough clear information on what the story is about, that then if you are interested to find out more, there are further leads to follow.

1. "Human Interest Element of Ambassador Leo Wanta Story as Important as $4.5 Trillion Earmarked for American People"
16 Aug 2006
by Greg Szymanski

- Corrupt officials in government working off two sets of accounting books, one legal and one a hidden stash of offshore money, as trillions continue to be stolen behind the backs of the people.Wanta story brings the 'real truth' out in the open, something the Illuminati never thought would happen.

2. The following report summarizes the status of The Wanta Settlement at the time of posting.
"Ambassador Leo Wanta Provides Key Update On $4.5 Trillion Earmarked for American People: Criminal diversion of Wanta funds continues, as high level U.S. officials and banks implicated."
14 Aug 2006
by Greg Szymanski

3. "The $27.5 Trillion Dollar Man Still Trying To Recover U.S. Funds From The Clutches Of The Bush And Clinton Crime Families"

- Leo Wanta is still shaking up the international banking community as London-based financial currency review finally sheds some needed light on the magnitude and importance of the 'Leo Wanta story'
22 Jun 2006
By Greg Szymanski

The Rumor Mill News site carries this August 31, 2006 article by Szymanski.

"Disturbing Twists and Turns in Release of Wanta Money and $4.5 Trillion for American People"

- James R. Wilkinson, deputy national security advisor for communications, and U.S. Treasury Secretary, Henry M. Paulson, Jr., involved in illegal scheme to divert Wanta funds to Deutsche Bank/Berlin, according to Michael C. Cottrell, treasurer of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc.
31 Aug 2006
By Greg Szymanski

According to the site:

Rumor Mill News was started in 1996 by Rayelan and Gunther Russbacher. “Gunther is best known as "The October Surprise Pilot" — the man who flew George Bush, Sr. back from the meeting in Paris that finalized the "October Surprise." This was the treasonous deal that the Reagan Campaign made with Iran in 1980. The deal delayed the release of the American hostages and Ronald Reagan won the election because the delay made Carter look weak and inept. George Bush was the Vice Presidential candidate at the time. He was chosen to represent the Reagan campaign at the Paris meeting with high ranking Iranians. Russbacher was the pilot who flew Bush back from the meeting. Publisher of Rumor Mill News, Rayelan Allan, married Captain Gunther K. Russbacher, Office of Naval Intelligence attached to the CIA in 1989.

On the site there is a compilation of articles written about the ‘October Surprise’. All this is linked to the Leo Wanta trillions of dollars that he says was originally earmarked for the American Treasury by Reagan.


Did the 1980 Reagan Campaign make a deal with Iran to delay the release of the hostages? Many people believe that secret negotiations were conducted by representatives of the Reagan Campaign and Iran. These negotiations caused 52 Americans to remain hostages of Iran an additional 77 days. This delay in the release of the hostages insured Ronald Reagan victory in the Presidential election. Immediately after he was inaugurated, arms and money started flowing to Iran.

Harry V. Martin, publisher of the Napa Sentinel wrote a 13-part series on the Congressional Hearings that investigated the allegation that George Bush and his Republican colleagues made a deal with Iran to delay the release of 52 American hostages in 1980.

The series is the best cohesive and credible reporting that I could find.

"Navy flier testifies he flew Bush to Paris for deal to block release of hostages"
By Harry V. Martin