Series on Light & Dark | A Winter Solstice Story

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Series on Light & Dark | A Winter Solstice Story
marty kleva
December 21, 2006

"A Cherokee elder sitting with his grandchildren told them, in every life there is a terrible fight - a fight between two wolves. One is evil: he is fear, anger, envy, greed, arrogance, self-pity, resentment, and deceit. The other is good: joy, serenity, humility, confidence, generosity, truth,
gentleness, and compassion.

A child asked, Grandfather, which wolf will win?

The elder looked him in the eye. The one you feed."

(Author unknown)

Welcome to Winter Solstice 2006!
(Observations on Energy)

In case you haven’t quite gotten your hand around the last post on subtle energy, let’s just say this. All matter is energy — not something new. But really, instead of taking the statement as fact on a linear level, because science has said so and presents all kinds of equations to prove it, let your inner senses wrap around that statement, “Everything is energy.” Some things we see, and some we don’t.

All energy comes forth out of the Darkness. The Darkness is likened to the Divine Feminine, and is considered Negative, not as in Not Good, but as in a negative (-) energy charge. Further, see the Feminine moving in a clockwise motion.

The Light, which breaks through and is birthed out of the Feminine is the Positively (+) charged Masculine. It is seen as the Good and may be the very reason we have such a Positively charged culture that values masculine over the feminine.

The Creative Divine Masculine in us all, of God, of the Creator Mind, strikes the light, creates the thought, which separates out, distinguishes some-thing from everything and creates some-thing out of the dark matter of the Divine Feminine, defining it into our physical reality.

Between the Light and Darkness, there are innumerable gradations of what we call the Grey area, and what I refer to as The Space Between.

The Space Between is where most everything lays and exists, although it is so subtle you’d hardly figure it to be so. We can find it in the transition period, the infinitesimal moment of the switch-over, at the place where one breath ends and the next begins, the moment between the question and the answer, between the clap of thunder and the flash of lightning. Can you be there, feel it, detect it?

One might consider this space to be tiny — it might very well be. But the impact of what is possible here is so mind-boggling that it can make you feel as helpless as a speck of dust in the path of a vacuum.

To honor this Solstice Night, with the descent to the Dark Mother complete, and giving way to the addition of light and more light with each successive day that we travel toward Spring, I have chosen the archetypal story of Coyote in the
Native American tradition. It depicts the magic and arrogance of how Coyote lit up the night sky, and if he is to be believed, how he might also brag that he has made everything else too!

Coyote is the Archetypal Representative for the Divine Masculine as he strikes out to create, and light up the dark Feminine night sky. I can think of no more wondrous archetype to represent the Divine Masculine for this monumental task. Coyote has the most endearing way of winning friends, who are always keen to watch any show that Coyote puts on with his arrogant style—they wouldn’t miss such a treat for the world, and neither would I.

Although I’ve read and enjoyed many book versions, this tale never came to life for me more dearly than the year I spent a weekend in the company of Pearl Sunrise, a local Navaho woman. In a group, we collected pine needles necessary to weave a basket from a local pine tree, and while gathered round in a circle to weave, she told this version of Coyote. There are additions of my own embellishments.


This story is about how Coyote bragged to all his Friends, the Birds, Owl and Rabbit, Squirrel, Snake and Bear, Deer, Buffalo, and the rest of the animals gathered, of how he could place ALL the stars in the sky without a thought — and he could do IT quickly!

Oh Yes! He could do it just like THAT! — If he wanted to.

So, when he was challenged by his Friends to produce the results, He Reached into his Sack, pulled out the brightest Star, and Whooooosh, tossed it Up into the deep dark Sky of the East.

UP it went and landed just where Coyote said it would, and Lit up as bright as it could be.

Ooooooooh”, everyone murmured, their wide eyes as large as the mushrooms that grow in the forest.

Excited, they challenged Coyote to repeat this. "Do it Again!"

He Strutted and swaggered around, and bragged that it was “No Problem!”

Again, he reached into his sack, picked out the brightest star and Whoooosh it went, as Coyote tossed it up into the night Sky to the South.

Up and Up—it sizzzzzled and landed where Coyote said he Knew it would. It lit up the Southern sky just as bright as can be.

Aaaaahhhhh! exclaimed everyone, jumping up and down, loving how Coyote can put on a show.

They were surely impressed, but voiced aloud their doubt that Coyote could repeat this act again.

However, Coyote with Swaggering self-importance, and his chest all Puffed Up, bragged that not only could he do it again, but that he could toss ALL the stars into the sky just as fast as ‘That’, and as accurately place them where they belonged.

Oh My! What a Story Coyote can tell!

With that, he reached into his sack once more and chose the next Two Brightest Stars, and Whoooosh — Whoooosh, he flung them in different directions, one to the West and the other to the North. They both landed in place within a twinkling of each other.

“MMMmmmmmmm”, strutted Coyote, like a rooster Swollen with arrogance!

Everyone was so amazed as they looked up and saw four stars in the Great Dark Sky.

Four stars and a lot of dark space between.

Coyote, in spite of himself, also looked up and realized the sky was still very dark. He had only accomplished four stars, and He was getting mighty impatient to be done with it.

Everyone realized that the four stars looked lonely and forlorn, they were so far away from each other.

Now what did Coyote have to say about that?

It was not done.

It was still Dark.

He would never deliver on the brag he had made to light up the Midnight sky.

So when Coyote sneaked a peek into his Sack he was Sorely Shocked to See so many Stars yet left to be placed. They fairly popped and sizzled inside his sack with light!

At this rate, He would never accomplish it and He would be made a fool.

He scratched his chin and wondered what to do.

He just couldn't wait! On a conceited whim, He took his Entire Sack and laid it Wide Open — Wide — as Wide as Wide could be.

And on the count of THREE, He Flung them ALL OUT of the sack AT ONCE — Straight Up into the Midnight Sky.

The light was Glorious coming out of the sack, Streaming like fireworks, Sparking and Sizzzzzling on their way into the vast darkness.

It was as if Magic had taken over, as each Star with light trailing behind it, moved to find its own unique place in the night sky.

Some went toward the North Star and others to the West, East, and South, like they were being led to their rightful place all on their own.

And everyone said, “Ooooh!” “Ahhh!” “Mmmm!!”


The night sky lit up with the Sparkling Light from the Billions upon Billions of stars that fled out of Coyote’s sack.

On and on they continued to Streak out.

Everyone was mesmerized watching the wide moving Arc of Light trail up to the endless expanse of Darkness.

They saw the darkness turn into dots of soft Sparkling Light spread like a blanket across the Overhead sky; the Points of light reflected in their own eyes.

Even Coyote stood in Disbelief — but only for a moment.

Quickly, before others could see his own Astonishment — He recovered his composure and assumed his Usual Arrogant Stance.

He folded his arms together over his puffed out chest, and as he leaned up against a large red rock, he swung one long Straggled and Furry leg over the other, and crossed it at his Bony Ankles.

Here, with a most Elegant Grin on his face, He said, “See, I told you I could do it!”

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

LOL! I surely do love Coyote! He makes me feel so free and abandoned to my own childlike sense of magic and self-importance. It is so wonderful to feel like that sometimes, to be in touch to such outrageous braggadocio! No one does arrogance like Coyote. What an archetypal showman!

I wish you all such outrageous and successful outcomes as Coyote has accomplished to bring Light to the world. With this, GemFireAir renews its vision of Light For the World this wondrous Solstice Night.

Till the New Year comes round and we meet once again.

Con Molto Amore,

~ mek