Marty Kleva. Photo by Jennifer Esperanza.


Thank you for visiting my website.

Here, you will find my photography, writing, poetry, and a not-so-weekly article about whatever is up...from politics and mythology to sex and spirituality.

Travel and people of the earth are a passion of mine. I love to have new adventures with others who like to engage in deep conversations about love and spirituality, or for that matter about anything else, and live knowing that one bottom line exists only to lead to another one.

I am insatiably curious about the “why” and “what” of things, and always have another question on the tip of my tongue. It’s just that exploration can be so much fun, that I want to keep learning about everything, and everybody. Sometimes it can be very provoking for others!

Photography and all of the arts give me great pleasure; they provide music to my ears, movement to my cellular senses, and beauty to my vision.

Here is a sample of my poetry:

Entreaty To Pluto
- mek

Today I am — as delicate as a new-born babe,
— as fragile as a petal of the emerging cosmos,

Treat me gently — Sway me
with the greatest of care, for

Today I am — a tender shoot in this world
of volatile illusions —

That threatens to consume us all.

I have a commitment to move relationships between men and women into a new paradigm, and to engage in dialogue with others about this through my work here on GemFireAir, so I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts on this perplexing subject.

Academically, I am a BS and MA, hold a graduate

Marty Kleva. Photo by Jennifer Esperanza.
degree in Somatic Psychology and Jungian Studies, and am a group instructor of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. Additionally, I have undertaken graduate studies in Contemplative Psychotherapy at Naropa University. Additionally, I have several training certificates and qualifications in massage, body-work, and subtle energy modalities.

As a somatic-trauma therapist, I seek to guide those who wish to resolve the effects of past trauma using the practice of Mindfulness, Body and Breath Awareness, and a technique I coined, BodyTracking.

A writer, poet and artist, teacher, photographer, and lecturer, I have taught and presented women’s spiritual workshops and seminars from the east coast to California.

My repertoire includes Soul Dancing, a book that is in progress — a personal account of healing the brain from a closed-head injury that I sustained in an automobile accident; a shamanic soul-journey which took me through several brushes with death, an unexpected visit before a twenty-foot angel with a sword, and to a remote cabin tucked away in the deep ponderosa forest of northern New Mexico, where I regained my life force.

Presently, I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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