The Awakener is a figure that has been with me since the late summer of 1997 when one day I stopped into Light Reflections, a crystal shop at the corner of Highway 17 in the tiny town of Moffat, Colorado.

She was on a table surrounded by mounds of clear quartz crystals of all sizes. I must have passed her up several times, but something kept drawing me back to the corner table where she stood. When I finally saw her, I could not take my eyes off her. She became more and more interesting to me, and has been with me ever since. Her presence has encouraged me to keep moving forward in my life, and she has come to represent the Archetype of the Divine Feminine.

I met the artist who created her, Everett Buss who lives in Crestone. At the time, he gave me the background of her creation and shared with me the piece he was inspired to write having dreamed her up.


GemFireAir is dedicated to the dynamic wisdom and guidance of the Principles of the Divine Feminine and Innate Beauty which reside within all animals, rocks, minerals, birds, fish, the Earth, the Cosmos, and most especially, all human beings.

Sometimes, that wisdom or beauty may be difficult to see and be acknowledged because it may be hidden or covered over, or perhaps, it may never have been nurtured in the developing child.

Nevertheless, we here at GemFireAir have firm beliefs that each person has a deep connection to the Creation of all things, which is Beauty in its Infinite Self. The Divine Feminine, the Sophia, is where wisdom lies and if any man/woman/child comes to experience that within his or her own life, then the Creative Force is available to all others.

The Feminine Principle needs no external armory to wield her power, for she stands in the balance of her own power. Her power is not corrupt, nor is it docile or even measurable, for it is Eternal; a power which is inherent in the harmonious order of Chaos, precisely manifested in the Beauty of all living things.

When we allow ourselves to be enfolded within her mantle of Beauty, we come into our own power, learn to stand within that power and to hold Beauty as Wisdom in our own personal life.

GemFireAir is dedicated to support all who dare to search, to find and nurture that Divine Feminine, and to express the Beauty which is discovered, whether it be through the arts, communication, education, or in the participation of the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological well-being of self and others.


By Everett Buss
(with permission to print)

I awakened one Golden Dawn in a place within,
that in my most wondrous imaginings I never touched,
Yet now I see that I've known it forever.

Yesterday, I was a body with a soul.
Today, I am a soul with a body,
and the Soul of Me stands in Golden Splendor,
At one with the Presence.

I hear it's loving wisdom
as words of fullness ring
throughout my wholeness,
"Go thou and do Likewise."

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