New Mexico's Legislature & The Use of Asbestos Gloves: Update & Reflections

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New Mexico's Legislature & The Use of Asbestos Gloves:
Update & Reflections
marty kleva

February 9, 2007
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What constitutes a reason for SJR5, originally scheduled to be heard today in the New Mexico Senate Rules Committee to be postponed the night before?

> all Democratic and Republican committee members got ill overnight.

> all the Dems, who sponsor and support the bill, planned to play truant and have coffee @ the Atomic Grill in the morning.

> the Senator with the deciding vote decides not to show.

> the Legislature calls a joint session that creates a time restraint causing committee bills to be rescheduled.

> the governor’s office calls in and says that Governor Bill Richardson saw his shadow at dawn.

> the Republican members of the Rules Committee threaten to walk out of AND not return for the remaining of the session!

For all appearances to the contrary, all but one of the above could likely be true — even presidential hopeful Bill Richardson has a shadow. There are many more scenarios than those listed that have happened, ones which we as regular citizens never learn about.

However in this case, two sources close to the situation have alluded that the four Republicans on the Rules Committee have indeed threatened to jeopardize the other 80-100 bills placed for consideration before the Rules Committee over this SJR5 issue of impeachment. Reportedly, the four Republicans of the Rules Committee have not just threatened to walk out on today's Rules Committee session, but they further vowed to stay out for the rest of the legislative session, which is now at the halfway point.

The Republican Senators on the Rules Committee are:

> Rod Adair (505-986-4385)

> Kent L. Cravens (505-986-4391)
> Dianna J. Duran (505-986-4701)
> Steve Komadina. (505-986-4377)

I wonder if these Senators are planning to reciprocate upon the hospitality of our Texan neighbors and cross the state line to avoid being subpoeaned to do their electoral job; shades of a recent Texas Legislative session where the shoe was on the other foot about the issue of gerrymandering by the Republicans of Texas.

Here is a classic case of political maneuvering for the sake of political power. It is especially evident that this has nothing to do with whether or not the people want to be heard, since the latest Harris poll shows that 56% of Americans have indicated they want a discussion of impeachment to be brought forth. According to his staff, hundreds of callers have inundated Senator Altimirano's office since GFA's last post urging him to support the rresolution.

Some have recently said that to suggest impeachment constitutes political suicide. If so, then let us remember it also follows that, there will come a time when to thwart such a discussion will constitute political suicide.

From the beginning of this bill asbestos gloves have been the hottest items for sale in this legislature. Few senators take this issue seriously, and some actually look down their noses at those who would suggest such a thing. Throughout history, even kings and queens have found that when they demeaned the value of the people, their own heads became collateral damage.

According to the offices of Democratic Senator Linda Lopez, Rules Committee Chair, and bill sponsor Senator Ortiz y Pino, SJR5 has been rescheduled for next Friday. At first glance, this could appear to be a retreat by the Dems. However, this allowance will provide the Rules Committee time to move other major bills through committee before the Democratic majority of the Rules Committee ups the ante and calls upon the Republicans to show their true colors.

Since this is a majority Democratic Legislature, one would assume that many of the bills that have been drafted and scheduled to be heard in committees have been brought forth by the Dems themselves, and the Republicans think they have nothing to lose by emasculating the Rules Committee. This kind of thinking overrides and eliminates the will of the people.

Our present system of government, so far astray from what most Americans still mistakenly believe to be a democracy, has become so contaminated, that to consider that its complexities and convolutions can be disentangled, may be like hoping to unravel the Gordian Knot. By design, it simply will not happen.

As of yet, I have not been able to speak to any of the senators in the Republican minority office and await callbacks from them. In deference to not having direct communication from them, I mention the joint session scenario above, suggested as a possible reason for the rescheduling of SJR5 by a staff person from that office. Of course, the fact that SJR5 was rescheduled the day before and not the morning of the session is an inconsistency.

If this is to be a bi-partisan issue, which it inherently is, then it behooves us to begin including the Republicans Senators among those we call to voice our concerns and support for SJR5. More than anything, no game can be played intelligently without knowing ones opponent. Make no mistake, this is a game, albeit one that most of us do not enter, and one that by its corruption has also been proven to be dangerous.

Above all, remember that SJR5 is still in the game. Call the Republicans and have a personable chat about SJR5. Be interested and listen to what they have to say. Take notes. Have your questions well thought out. Structure your opinion in a concise manner. Stick to the points of SJR5.


> Senator Stuart Ingle – head minority leader – (505-986-4702)

> Senator Leonard Rawson – minority whip – (505-986-4703)

Senator Dianna Duran – minority caucus leader - (505-986-4701)

Until further news in the Exploration of PEACE from
the Land of Enchantment, wishing you all a wild and wonderful weekend.

Con Amore,

~ mek


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