New Offering Of Professional Healing Sessions

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New Offering Of Professional Healing Sessions
December 2, 2008
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Healing In Times Of Transition

During this time of extraordinary WorldWide Transition, for those people who seek assistance to navigate through the daily anxiety of Medical—Emotional/Psychological—&—Spiritual challenges, I am opening time-slots for phone consultations and distant healing sessions for GFA friends and referrals.

Most readers of GFA know me as a writer and photographer. These are merely the outward manifestations that emanate from the rest of my life interests and originate from my lifetime commitment to accomplish a Balance in Wellness and Healthy Living.

My professional and academic credentials include a Bachelor of Science in Health, a Masters in Somatic Psychology and Jungian Theory, and extensive post-graduate studies in Contemplative Psychotherapy within the context of Buddhist psychology.

Additionally I am a registered ordained inter-faith minister through the New Mexico Theological Seminary approved by the Office of New Mexico Higher Education, and an instructor of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, having personally trained with the founder Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Further, I have acquired certifications in many body-therapies including both hands-on/off modalities, and through years of experience have translated those methods to work exclusively in a manner that uses the unseen consciousness of the physical and subtle bodies_including the soul, in a hands-off subtle energy healing methodology. Some use the word Quantum to describe the effects. Sessions can be done in person or distantly by phone, and as my clients attest, each is equally effective. There is no limitation to the opportunity for healing.

psycho/spiritual counsel for those who may be in a Spiritual Emergence(cy)
• resolution of acute/chronic pain and trauma acquired from injuries and Burns.
• practical and emotional support for those who are family breadwinners under financial duress.
• compassionate listening and down-to-earth guidance through times of turmoil, transition, and upheaval.
• guidance and healing through pre/post operative surgeries and procedures.
• Mindfulness-Based Stress reduction instruction both private and in groups.

Healing has many facets. With my clients empowered as partners, we work together toward Self-regulation and integrating All the parts of the Mind_Body_Spirit to manifest the highest degree of wellness and raise the consciousness in a world where the stress of anxiety can be overwhelming.

For further info and/or to arrange for an appointment email:

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