Calling Forth A Vision of Peace

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Calling Forth A Vision of Peace

marty kleva

May 13, 2007

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3rd International Women’s Peace Conference

Today on Mother’s Day 2007, there is a Worldwide call for Peace, a call that demonstrates a cry throughout the ages from extraordinary people who have looked for an alternative to warring against brother and neighbor.

The popular notice going around the net today is one about Julia Ward Howe, author of the poem we know better as “Battle Hymn of the Republic”, who also gave root to Mother’s Day for Peace when in 1870 she published a Mother’s Day Proclamation in her call for women to rise up and oppose war. Looking at these two pieces of work by Howe, I am struck by their seemingly divergent cries, one to end war and the other calling forth the wrathful and righteous furies of God as we "die to make men free."

There is an inconsistency between these two great works that I believe is so deeply rooted in our psyche that we hardly realize it. Here might be an example of how violence seems to be embedded in the gene pool as with one voice Howe calls for the end of war, and with the other she portrays a vengeful God steeped in glory marching on to war.

Not knowing the exact timing and process of the two works in Julia Ward Howe’s life, I do not mean here to criticize either of these works, but rather to use them as an example of what I believe may be the exact inner turmoil we personally must deal with. I know that this is what I have been struggling through in my attempt to sort through my feelings and actions around violence, anger, and war.

Today, we consider ourselves at the most evolved and civilized time in history, yet our actions belie the picture of our words. One would think that having the benefit of hundreds of years with war and so much convincing evidence against war that we would automatically reach for peace.

Such is not the case today, nor has it ever been. In the process of my exploration of peace this year, I have consistently bumped up against the discord between my yearning for peace and my opposition to violence. As I see it today, this is the crux of the matter for the individual. Some of us know full well what war is like—that is if we have been paying attention we do.

On the outer level, we have a technology developed expressly for war that is designed to fulfill monetary rewards in the financial market consisting of an affluent population. The greater amount of time and money in the industrial market goes into designing and building more powerful weapons, tanks, planes, surveillance technology, etc., than goes to designing a plan for peace.

Peace is not something that is profitable. As widely reported, in 1961 a Special Study Group was formed through the Kennedy Administration, consisting of 15 experts from various academic disciplines whose mission,
given the economic condition of the world at the time, was to determine whether peace was possible.

Their final document “Report From Iron Mountain On the Possibility and Desirability of Peace”, published by Dell in 1967 stated that peace “would almost certainly not be in the best interest of stable society."

— given that —

"War has provided both ancient and modern societies with a dependable system for stabilizing and controlling national economies. No alternate method of control has yet been tested in a complex modern economy that has shown itself remotely comparable in scope or effectiveness."

— and that —

"'war is virtually synonymous with nationhood. The elimination of war implies the inevitable elimination of national sovereignty and the traditional nation-state."

— is it any wonder that what we have today is war — war — and the promise of more war.

Reportedly, it is said, that when the study was concluded in 1966, President Lyndon Johnson ordered it never to be released to the people. The copy that was published in 1967 is attributed to a member of the study group who wished to remain anonymous. Once published it was hailed as a hoax by the disinformation establishment, yet everything that is in the report can be seen as being the fact of what we are living today within a society that is based on instigating, financing, and sustaining armed conflict throughout the world.

What this study found is exactly the reality of today’s worldwide agenda led by the U.S. and the UK in the proliferation of nuclear weaponry not only for themselves, but as an industrial complex that supplies war weapons to all sides of the conflict, regardless of what diplomatic policies indicate.

Peace as we know it today is something like a tale that gets spun by political war masters as they hold out the carrot of possible peace to keep us interested in national news of their making and manipulation. This keeps us in a constant state of hopefulness as we look for peace to happen by the sleight their hands. And yet when we look at the number of wars that have occurred, not only throughout history but also in the present state of perpetual war on terror we have been manipulated into, we can see that we have never achieved even an iota of resemblance to peace.

In the Iron Mountain study, the report said that,

“No alternate method of control has yet been tested in a complex modern economy that has shown itself remotely comparable in scope or effectiveness."

The first thing to realize is that there is a wide gap between what you and I see and hope for in establishing peace, and what those who presently run the world’s financial establishment, have as an agenda. They are the banking cartel that consists of all the central banks of each of the major nations, starting with the U.S. Federal Reserve and on to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. Their agenda is to gain control over all natural resources of the Earth. This is not my imagination, but stated by their emissaries and shown by their policies and actions.

I bring out this point hoping that people will become interested enough to find this out on a day-to-day basis rather than tuning into what the latest celebrity is wearing or who is cheating on whomever. That kind of ‘news’ is pure distraction and it does not offer any ‘with-it’ points toward awareness and understanding.

It is time that we do look at an alternate method that can provide us with what we want to achieve. As I sort through this process of exploring peace, I see that when I focus my attention on being against war, against violence and against this and that, what I am actually doing is giving attention, and therefore a lot of my energy to war, to violence, and anything else I am against.

As an example, if we are being against drought rather than being for enough rain to fulfill our needs, then what we have is a passive state of hoping for something on which we are neither focused nor giving attention.

Relating this to ‘not war but peace’, we are more focused on war, although we call it ‘not war’. Because we are using so much energy to be against war, there is not enough energy left to manifest peace.

In no way do I mean to suggest that we not fulfill our moral obligation to be informed on the reality of war, violence, laws that prostrate the people and elevate large corporate interests. Nor am I suggesting either a limited view that we alone create our reality or that everything is predestined. I do believe we have free will, and that we are challenged to bring that will into alignment with our soul’s intention for this incarnation.

This is the maze that I have struggled through in my explorations since January, trying to find a way to hold peace rather than war in my awareness, so that it is not eclipsed by the armed conflicts in the world that my country is financing and actively engaged in. It’s not as if I live in a country such as Costa Rica that chooses to not have a military, and where I could at least know that my tax dollars are spent for education rather than spent on nuclear tipped munitions designed to kill over and over again.

In my attempt to come to terms with all of this, I believe the point is not to ignore the reality of war and the many armed conflicts that are historically glorified, nor do I seek to be against those who have a loved one who has served, or one who is serving in the military, so that they feel that they must defend their position.

Historically, political leaders have drawn nations into war by claiming the threat of national security, and when the people have shown a reluctance to bite the bait, a catastrophic event has occurred where we have seemingly been defenseless and lost thousands of American lives; events like Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, and yes, even the now most despicable attack known as 9-11.

My personal position has finally worked its way through the maze of confusion and come to a place where my focus is — being for peace — that’s it. As a result, what I have come to establish daily is a practice to invite peace, and to allow peace to be the mainstay of my life and surrounding environment.

This is also a time when there is a huge opportunity for mankind to breakthrough and to balance our hemispheric brain as we enter the midpoint of the Fifth Day in the Mayan calendar. Although a quantum leap can create an awareness of unity with our total environment so that balanced relationships will be what results, this balanced relationship must first occur within ourselves before it can possibly be demonstrated toward others or to our earth environmental systems. Once an inner balance is a working practice and part of our personal integrity, then we can also begin to interact with others and EarthMother with integrity.

As we approach the exact midpoint of the Fifth day of the Galactic Underworld, May 22, 2007, there is a great opportunity to join in awareness with hundreds of thousands of others whose agenda is to be and to create peace. The website outlines an extended calendar throughout the rest of May for individuals and groups to support a creative effort to establish peace in all its forms.

Peace is not just one thing. It is something that is so individualistic and simultaneously holographic that it can be established to suit everyone’s needs and desires. Actually, peace already exists as a stream of consciousness. We just have to learn how to tap into it, learn its frequency and ride the stream.

The site Commonpassion is a touch point where you can find a group to join in this adventure, whether it is religious or secular in nature, or if you prefer a more private means, then make a plan to incorporate a privately designed method to align with the already committed hundreds of thousands who will be participating from the May 15-29th.

We are cutting through new territory here so don’t think you must have a map or how-to instructions. You already know how to do this. What remains is carrying out the action of practicing 'being peace'. One of the most basic practices can be to sit quietly with eyes open or closed and tune into your breath. Watch it without having to change it. Then begin to use the breath as a vehicle to add peace, so that you breathe in peace and breathe out peace.

Do this 5 minutes before walking out of your bedroom in the morning, do it at lunchtime sitting in your car, or at your desk, and do it lying down just as you are going to sleep at night. Enroll your family, friends, and coworkers. Whatever you decide to do, one thing to keep in mind is that you are not doing this alone; there are hundreds of thousands of others at any given moment who are also doing it. See and sense them while you are practicing being peace and find the common wave to ride.

Together, let us join that stream of conscious called peace that encompasses the Earth and beyond.

Con Amore,

~ mek

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