Comments On Impeachment: by New Mexico Senate Committee member Senator Rod Adair

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Comments On Impeachment: by New Mexico Senate Committee member Senator Rod Adair
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March 7, 2007

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Note: This is the sixth article covering SJR5 in the New Mexico Legislature.
Links to the first five are at the bottom of this post.

Video transcript: NM Senate Judiciary Committee/ March 5, 2007 | Comments by Committee member Senator Rod Adair

This is a transcript of Senator Rod Adair’s 25-minute reply to the 40 minutes of testimony from the citizens attending the New Mexico Senate Judiciary Committee, March 5, 2007. It is an excerpt from a video taken of the hearing by Concentric, Arthouse & Vivo. Some of the statements are not transcribed completely due to difficulty hearing all that is said. Therefore you will see ‘refer’ notes to the subject that is being discussed. I tried to be as fair in transcribing what I heard in the limited time I had access to the video. If I have made mistakes, I apologize, and stand readily available to correct them as soon as possible.

The purpose of presenting Senator Adair’s comments on GemFireAir is to provide the opinion and views of a different perspective from those of us who are actively invested in the success of New Mexico’s Impeachment Resolution SJR5.

Personally, I am in favor of SJR5. However, I am also willing to listen to another point of view. Senator Adair provides that view, and because to date he is the only New Mexican Legislative opposition to come forward with a comprehensive and cohesive presentation, I believe that it is important and even imperative that we hear it.

This is intentionally presented without my personal comments so that each of you may reach your own conclusions without my bias. I encourage those who read this to send the link of this transcript to any person who is not informed of this issue, who is not involved, who has no idea that this debate has reached this level of public awareness, or who is against the idea of investigating the possible impeachment of Bush and Cheney.

It is highly likely that sometime in the future I will write and publish my own comments on Senator Adair's, but for now I post this for the purpose of the public being informed about what else is being said, and who is saying it.

Con Molto Amore,

~ mek

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Key for transcript symbols:
SA=Senator Rod Adair / OyP=Senator
Gerald Ortiz y Pino / G=Senator John Grubesic

(questioning OyP about the resolution language) “Are you proceeding against 2 people simultaneously?”

“It is our feeling that they are a team. To impeach one, the other would step up and take the position.”

(Several comments by SA)

“What we are really after is the commencement of an investigation.”

(going to wording again) “Congress . . . must impeach”

“In Elizabeth Holtzman’s testimony, she was clear that impeachment is a process. We are asking Congress to investigate and if they determine there are grounds for impeachment . . . “

(comments about that then there would be an “indictment” and “trial”.)

“What you have written . . . what you are saying is that you really don’t believe that. That’s not what you say” (. . . refers to end of resolution wording “that they be impeached.”)

G: (Senator Grubesic points out the word “may” in the last several paragraphs.)

SA: (wants to eliminate lines 4-8 on page 3.)

G: (states that he would prefer to insert the word “may” on line 6 and keep lines 4-8.)

SA: (Stating that he prefers to . . .)

“ . . . talk through this whole thing in a more modulated voice. People have said we should put aside our personal biases and vote based on what the law is. That’s what I’m going to do. I would urge everybody here, let that be the case today.

One gentleman said that when he was little, the hair on his arms would stand up when soldiers walked by and that’s not the case today. Soldiers are making sacrifices all over . . . . If you feel less pride because of political differences you may have with the administration, that’s wrong.

There were references made to heading toward a total fascist America. The American people do not even know what that means. This rhetoric dominates the American political scene. Over the last 25 years, we’ve really begun to polarize in this country. Impeachment is for high crimes and misdemeanors . . . (_?_) want to take the impeachment route over public policy.

(Outcry from someone in the audience—audience shushes the person)

SA: “I appreciate that. I did listen to everybody . . . abandoned by my friends again.” (chuckling reference to the other Republican senators who have left the committee room — Paine, Harden, & Cravens)

(reference to #1 charge in the resolution to conspire and defraud the country and the intention to mislead Congress and the public to justify the Iraq war)

“The commissions in both Britain and the U.S. who looked into this did not reach that conclusion. No one made a stronger case for war than former President Clinton.”

(refer to #2 charge— wire taps of Americans without the first seeking FISA court orders —

“Rulings by Attorney General Gonzalez say that FISA actually allows that.”

(refer to #3 charge-torture of prisoners in violation of Title 18 United States Code, Chapter 113C, the United Nations Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment and the Geneva Conventions,)

“It has been reviewed by the Justice Department. The administration has made a good faith effort to make sure that those errors are not made again. (refers to Abu Ghraib-no mention of Guantanamo) The charge of ( __ and __) based on things, are still subject to debate.”

SA: (brings up the mass internment of Americans of Japanese descent during WWII)

“ . . . was based solely on discretionary designation. President Bush has not taken anywhere near a power as that. (quotes a British historian from a recent TV program) “. . . said that opponents to the Blair Administration and the war is far more prevalent in Britain than in the U.S., that it is ‘unthinkable’ in the British context that we are bringing forth resolutions like this while there are still troops in the field.”

SA: “The polarization, especially on the American Left over the last 25 years is a concern.”

(refers to audience testimony on the Middle-East conflict)

“I’m always troubled by the rising anti-Semitism by the part of the Left. I heard reference today on our allies in Israel and the condition of the Palestinian state. Simply, I deny it and I condemn it. I condemn bigotry; condemn fascism in its every form.

I have been tear-gassed in Ecuador, shot at in Venezuela, policed people off the mountains in Honduras — people who died in service for their country. I’ve ridden in vehicles that have been beaten on with baseball bats and big clubs in Panama as we tried to maneuver through a riot.

I know what its like to live in a police state. For those who believe we live in something approaching a totalitarian state (refers to testimony from citizen), I would say that you need to expand your horizons. You need to read a little bit more, have a little broader perspective. I would suggest a lack of understanding of that.

We’re already deeply engaged in something—that’s what this is all about—it’s about the war in Iraq.

There were three great fascisms in the last century: Wilhelmine Germany — we faced them down; Nazi Germany; the threat of the Soviet Union — which yes is a fascism, no question about it.

(Notes that there are some people in the audience that look like they are older than he and who) “ . . . were probably a part of the 1984 American Left . . . (during the Reagan nuclear freeze).

“I know—I know in my heart there are those in this room, whether they were there, that they wanted that to happen 3(?-perhaps 30) years ago. The nuclear freeze, Ronald Reagan, and all the –isms, communist socialism. None of it ever goes away. You can’t possibly __?__. 'Better Dead Than Red'. I’m with you!”

You were wrong then. You’re wrong today. I believe that today America is a bastion of all the fascisms that have come before us, and is a bastion against fascists — Islamic Fascism and the hatred they have for the West. The killing in Iraq is not the fault of American soldiers or the fault of the American Commander and Chief.

It’s the fault of the Islamic Fascists and if we quit there — you may be successful for a while in getting a weak leadership to do what you want to do for a while, but it only is delaying it a little bit. They will be back with greater ferocity than ever before because the one thing—the only thing they do understand—they understand a fearful and cowardly West and what they believe is a decadent and unresolved West.”

(interruption by a citizen in the audience) “You are deluded!”

SA: (continuing) “and we are not that, and the American people I’m a part of and I have served for 20 years in uniform are not that. I am not deluded sir!

We will stand against this fascism as well and it may take longer than the World Wars did. It may take 40 years. If we back down now, we will lose everything that we have, because these people hate us, they hate the very freedom that allows you to be here and to express yourself—to bring these charges against the President of the U.S. in a far and distant state.

But if you think that you are fighting for something that’s going to be sympathetic to you, you’re wrong. You think that you’re on the right side of something that’s going to be beneficial to you, to give equal rights to men and women, to everybody who holds a different point of view, you’re wrong. The President’s taken a stand and it’s an unpopular one.”

(comments here referring to the point that Truman left office with a 22% approval rate)

SA: “I have at least the perspective of history to know that it takes a long time for these things to be figured out. You may win in the short run and get a change in policy, but you will regret it because weakness is not what these people respect.

I’m not going to vote for this. I’m not going to call you names and call you deluded, or anything else.

You have every right to do it, but I don’t have to stand with you, and I’ll tell you why I don’t, and I just have.

(End of Senator Adair’s comments)

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