New Mexico's Legislature & The Use of Asbestos Gloves: Update & Reflections

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New Mexico's Legislature & The Use of Asbestos Gloves:
Update & Reflections
marty kleva

February 9, 2007
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What constitutes a reason for SJR5, originally scheduled to be heard today in the New Mexico Senate Rules Committee to be postponed the night before?

> all Democratic and Republican committee members got ill overnight.

> all the Dems, who sponsor and support the bill, planned to play truant and have coffee @ the Atomic Grill in the morning.

> the Senator with the deciding vote decides not to show.

> the Legislature calls a joint session that creates a time restraint causing committee bills to be rescheduled.

> the governor’s office calls in and says that Governor Bill Richardson saw his shadow at dawn.

> the Republican members of the Rules Committee threaten to walk out of AND not return for the remaining of the session!

For all appearances to the contrary, all but one of the above could likely be true — even presidential hopeful Bill Richardson has a shadow. There are many more scenarios than those listed that have happened, ones which we as regular citizens never learn about.

However in this case, two sources close to the situation have alluded that the four Republicans on the Rules Committee have indeed threatened to jeopardize the other 80-100 bills placed for consideration before the Rules Committee over this SJR5 issue of impeachment. Reportedly, the four Republicans of the Rules Committee have not just threatened to walk out on today's Rules Committee session, but they further vowed to stay out for the rest of the legislative session, which is now at the halfway point.

The Republican Senators on the Rules Committee are:

> Rod Adair (505-986-4385)

> Kent L. Cravens (505-986-4391)
> Dianna J. Duran (505-986-4701)
> Steve Komadina. (505-986-4377)

I wonder if these Senators are planning to reciprocate upon the hospitality of our Texan neighbors and cross the state line to avoid being subpoeaned to do their electoral job; shades of a recent Texas Legislative session where the shoe was on the other foot about the issue of gerrymandering by the Republicans of Texas.

Here is a classic case of political maneuvering for the sake of political power. It is especially evident that this has nothing to do with whether or not the people want to be heard, since the latest Harris poll shows that 56% of Americans have indicated they want a discussion of impeachment to be brought forth. According to his staff, hundreds of callers have inundated Senator Altimirano's office since GFA's last post urging him to support the rresolution.

Some have recently said that to suggest impeachment constitutes political suicide. If so, then let us remember it also follows that, there will come a time when to thwart such a discussion will constitute political suicide.

From the beginning of this bill asbestos gloves have been the hottest items for sale in this legislature. Few senators take this issue seriously, and some actually look down their noses at those who would suggest such a thing. Throughout history, even kings and queens have found that when they demeaned the value of the people, their own heads became collateral damage.

According to the offices of Democratic Senator Linda Lopez, Rules Committee Chair, and bill sponsor Senator Ortiz y Pino, SJR5 has been rescheduled for next Friday. At first glance, this could appear to be a retreat by the Dems. However, this allowance will provide the Rules Committee time to move other major bills through committee before the Democratic majority of the Rules Committee ups the ante and calls upon the Republicans to show their true colors.

Since this is a majority Democratic Legislature, one would assume that many of the bills that have been drafted and scheduled to be heard in committees have been brought forth by the Dems themselves, and the Republicans think they have nothing to lose by emasculating the Rules Committee. This kind of thinking overrides and eliminates the will of the people.

Our present system of government, so far astray from what most Americans still mistakenly believe to be a democracy, has become so contaminated, that to consider that its complexities and convolutions can be disentangled, may be like hoping to unravel the Gordian Knot. By design, it simply will not happen.

As of yet, I have not been able to speak to any of the senators in the Republican minority office and await callbacks from them. In deference to not having direct communication from them, I mention the joint session scenario above, suggested as a possible reason for the rescheduling of SJR5 by a staff person from that office. Of course, the fact that SJR5 was rescheduled the day before and not the morning of the session is an inconsistency.

If this is to be a bi-partisan issue, which it inherently is, then it behooves us to begin including the Republicans Senators among those we call to voice our concerns and support for SJR5. More than anything, no game can be played intelligently without knowing ones opponent. Make no mistake, this is a game, albeit one that most of us do not enter, and one that by its corruption has also been proven to be dangerous.

Above all, remember that SJR5 is still in the game. Call the Republicans and have a personable chat about SJR5. Be interested and listen to what they have to say. Take notes. Have your questions well thought out. Structure your opinion in a concise manner. Stick to the points of SJR5.


> Senator Stuart Ingle – head minority leader – (505-986-4702)

> Senator Leonard Rawson – minority whip – (505-986-4703)

Senator Dianna Duran – minority caucus leader - (505-986-4701)

Until further news in the Exploration of PEACE from
the Land of Enchantment, wishing you all a wild and wonderful weekend.

Con Amore,

~ mek


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New Mexico Legislature Resolution to Impeach: Update & Reflections

Gem Fire Air
New Mexico Legislature Resolution to Impeach:
Update & Reflections
marty kleva

February 3, 2007
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When Senators Ortiz y Pino of Albuquerque and John Grubesic of Santa Fe, announced the introduction of (SJR5), a resolution calling for the Impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney at the press conference held in the Rotunda of the New Mexico State Roundhouse January 23, 2007, I was present.

Although the Roundhouse is in my neighborhood, I had always walked by it yet never walked in, a statement that also reflects my involvement in politics. As of January 23rd, that changed with my decision to become actively involved in this particular resolution.

I have signed many impeachment petitions, beginning back in 2001 and the passing of the first and most infamous Patriot Act. Politics has been something I felt comfortable studying, reading, and commenting about, as GemFireAir reflects, but I have always refrained from becoming more directly involved beyond that of calling my congressman, writing letters, and sending pertinent information via e-mail.

Here I am on January 23rd 2007, in the middle of the Rotunda beneath the dome of the NM State Roundhouse waiting for the press conference to begin, announcing the introduction of the resolution to impeach GW & DC. There are reporters here from every New Mexico newspaper, the Associated Press, as well as ABC and NBC cameras.

I look around and see about 100 others attending. Part of me is apprehensive for taking such a public step. But somewhere deep inside I know that I have reached my limit on being silent. Behind my apprehension is a subtle fear that I will place myself beneath the scrutiny of those who have come to be known as the American version of the Gestapo and possibly find myself on the no-fly list. So many others have been
arrested and jailed for peaceful protests; it can happen to any one of us.

It’s not comfortable living in the U.S. knowing that my phone conversations and e-mails are being monitored, and where cash is now viewed by the U.S. banking world as a four-letter word. Besides GW having trouble with the Constitution, there are judges who will not allow the word "Constitution" to even be spoken in their courtroom without the threat of 'contempt'. And now, law enforcement agencies have no need to knock on our door — they just kick it down and walk in.

What surprised me earlier as I walked up to the Roundhouse entrance, is that there were only two security people in evidence, both standing outside talking to each other and having a cigarette. There were no major security sacred portals to go through. I did not need to step out of my shoes, take everything out of my pockets, or relinquish my purse and personal belongings. I could walk wherever I chose and no one stopped to question me. Apparently I did not have the letter ‘T’ written on my forehead, and I walked around dazed from the relief I felt for once again being back in friendly territory.

Impeaching a President is not something I want to do, nor is it a position I prefer to hold. But there is this underlying force that has drawn me here to bear witness to the two senators who are stepping forward to introduce this resolution to impeach Bush and Cheney, as if by doing so I am once again affirming all those signatures I have previously made.

No one here looks like a terrorist, but rather they appear like any American I would meet on the street, like you and me. Some parents have brought their young children. In a conversation with the man who sits next to me I learn that he has come to speak as a citizen; his typed statement neatly inserted inside a blue folder.

The crowd waiting for the press conference to begin in the Rotunda is not boisterous or noisy; the prevailing atmosphere seems to contain a pervading sense of quiet determination. It is evident by the crowd’s subdued confidence, that few if any think that this issue is frivolous, or as the morning Albuquerque Journal stated, that Ortiz y Pino and Grubesic “ are hoping to make a national splash”, and which quoted Senate Minority Leader Stuart Ingle, R-Portales, as saying that the proposal is “a publicity stunt.” These kinds of remarks are usually made when there is an attempt to demean and belittle those who point out the truth.

It is distressing to be calling to question a father figure of such immense authority. The President holds the archetypal figure of the Father and Teacher. It is the position reminiscent of the Greek and Roman god Saturn, and astrologically, as head figure of government, the President symbolizes the sign of Capricorn, a sign ruled by Saturn.

But George W. Bush's astrological Sun, actually holds the position in Capricorn's opposition sign of Cancer, a sign that in its wisdom, stands for the home, nurturing and caring. This may add a clue to George's position, and why so many Americans and myself are feeling so abused, rather than nurtured. George may speak the words "care" and "compassion", but he does not have the capacity to actually carry them out.

This man has been given all the slack I have available. His psychological profile screams of parental abuse, which he has not dealt with. As a psychotherapist, I cannot further enable his emotional and physical abusiveness. Now, it seems to have come to this moment — one where I must stand for myself.

George Bush, who suffers not only from untreated psychological problems and alcohol abuse, but also from their denial, has turned my compassion for him into dispassionate observation, and further spurs me to take on the task to ensure my personal survival and those values created by the Constitution of the United States.

To the rest of us, George Bush looks like an adult, yet he acts like a greedy and pompously blustering teenager who still lives inside the emotional realm of a two year old having a temper tantrum. His conflicting emotions are so powerful, that he can only feel as if he exists by striking out to kill what he perceives and creates to be outer-world demons, blindly ignoring and denying the innocent who get in the way of the guns and troops which he commands. He may not have had the kind of parents to nurture his best points, but then, who has?

As the press conference begins with introductions, Senator Ortiz y Pino is received by the supporting crowd with thunderous applause. He introduces the resolution saying that detractors from impeaching the President insist that there are “too many other pressing issues” to tie up valuable time in the state legislature with this resolution. Ortiz y Pino believes there is “too much money going toward war and paranoia,” and that our “resources are being wasted in a horrible and bloody fashion.” He gets another thunderous applause.

Senator Grubesic follows and declares that the Constitution is a sacred document, a response to GW calling it “just a goddammed piece of paper.” Grubesic goes on to give his reasons for sponsoring this resolution saying that torture is wrong, as is the denial of a proper trial, and finally that “Silence is Betrayal.” Grubesic said that as Americans, "We need to send a clear message to the rest of the world that we're not as insane as our administration is."

After the senators speak, several citizens deliver their comments. Pat Leahan, head of the Peace & Justice Center of Las Vegas, NM speaks eloquently. Underlying her calm tone is the rumble of outrage that I also feel. When she asks the question, “Do the American people feel we should move forward with the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney?” the crowd responds with whistles and applause — she gets a standing ovation.

Before leaving, I stop by the information center, have a friendly chat with the people behind the desk, and pick up a copy of the names and phone #’s of all members of the legislature. By the time I get home, I decide to call Ortiz y Pino’s office to see what kind of reception I get.

Sharon, Senator Ortiz y Pino’s secretary is very helpful, and gives me the rundown on the status so far.
SJR5 has been assigned to three senate committees (Rules, Public Affairs, and Judiciary) and must successfully pass thru each one before the full Senate can vote upon it.

Today, now more than a week later,, the Rules Committee has full membership assigned, with Senator Altamirano, Senate President Pro Temp, replacing Senator Ortiz y Pino who has been re-assigned to vice-chair another committee. The Rules Committee, which has been entirely hampered by this situation, is finally scheduled to meet in full committee today, already two meetings behind many of the others.

According to those who have more political experience than me, the delay with the Rules Committee is not another attempt by the leadership to delay this resolution, but that it is the result of last week’s resignation of Senator Leonard Tsosie(D), and the subsequent need to reassign memberships with the naming of his successor. That appointment came yesterday when Gov. Bill Richardson named Lynda Lovejoy to replace Tsosie. Lovejoy is from the Navaho Nation and is the first Native American woman to sit in the New Mexico Senate. (further story on Lovejoy to come)

SJR5 having to pass through three Senate committees sounds ominous, yet this is not impossible for many reasons. All three Senate committees have a Democratic majority with at least five Dems assigned to each. Five ‘yea’ votes passes the bill on to the next committee. Members of the first committee are also members of the other two committees, and in several cases they are also the chair and/or vice chair of the next two committees.

This labyrinthine process is an example of how the state government works. There are issues with the fact that the Democratic Majority Leader Michael Sanchez assigned so many committees to this resolution, some saying that it is a death knell. Politics!

But keep in mind, that the issue of impeaching a sitting president being discussed seriously in a state legislature such as New Mexico is forcing the issue to the national forefront. Although I feel like a whirly-gig in a nor’easter, there is no effort wasted here. Last year the state legislatures of California, Minnesota, Illinois, and Vermont introduced similar initiatives, and this year, the state of New Jersey has a strong activist movement working to introduce and pass an impeachment measure as well. That makes six states with grass roots support.

There are reports that these measures by states such as New Mexico forces members of Congress to take seriously the increasingly-popular demand that the President and Vice President be held to account for misleading Congress over the Iraq war, and that this fact alone is leading the peace movement to join the impeachment movement.

CNN commentator Jack Cafferty has broken the national media’s code of silence on the impeachment movement as he favorably reported the New Mexico Resolution last week with a salvo aimed at Nancy Pelosi saying, "[Although] House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said impeachment is quote, 'off the table' not everybody is so sure about that,"

Presently Mrs. Pelosi, with her stance to keep impeachment an off-hands affairis, is a disappointment to many mid-term voters. One really must question her motives when her party was given a clear indictment not only to end the war, but to also begin impeachment hearings.

The majority of people favor opening this discussion as the latest Harris poll shows that 56% of Americans want this to happen. How much more of a majority is needed to press House Leader Pelosi to respond?

In conversation with several legislative aides who I will not name, even though the New Mexico State Democratic Party officially added this issue to their platform, many are playing the I-don’t-want-it—You-can-have-it-game, including Governor Bill Richardson (D) who is reported to be gearing himself up with a new coiffure and body to face the 2008 presidential election.

Today, I learned upon further investigation, that because SJR5 is a joint resolution, once it gets through the Senate committees, it must go to the House side, and that here it will most likely also be assigned to three committees! Those assignments will come from House Speaker Ben Luhan (D) of Santa Fe.

I bemoan that there is little time to accomplish this resolution, despite the fact that this is a sixty day session, and given that the very first committee it needs to pass is the Rules Committee which as I pointed out above, has already missed two meetings with full Dem members seated.

The following Senators have signed SJR5: Please call to thank them.

Gerald Ortiz y Pino (D) (505-986-4380) sponsor

John T.L. Grubesic-Vice Chair (D) (505-986-4260) sponsor

Linda M. Lopez-Chair (D) (505-986-4737)

Dede Feldman (D) (505-986-4482)

Cisco McSorley (D) (505-986-4485)

Mary Jane M. Garcia-Vice Chair (D) (505-986-4726)

Joseph J. Carraro (D) (505-986-4387)

Bernadette M. Sanchez (D) (505-986-4267)

Democratic members of the Rules, Public Affairs, and Judiciary Committee:

All but Senator Altamirano have signed on SJR5. Thank those who have signed on to SJR5 for their support and vote. Call Senator Altamirano’s office to register your opinion on this with his staff and encourage him to vote yes.

RULES: Meets Monday, Wednesday & Friday-8:00 a.m. (Room 321)

Linda M. Lopez-Chair (D) (505-986-4737)

John T.L. Grubesic-Vice Chair (D) (505-986-4260)

Dede Feldman (D) (505-986-4482)

Cisco McSorley (D) (505-986-4485)

Ben Altamirano (D) (505-986-4733)

If Rules passes SJR5, it will go to the Public Affairs Committee:
Note replication of signers Senators Feldman, Ortiz y Pino and Garcia.

PUBLIC AFFAIRS: Tues-Thurs(Room 321) & Friday-2:30 p.m.(Room 303)

Dede Feldman-Chair (D) (505-986-4482)

Mary Jane M. Garcia-Vice Chair (D) (505-986-4726)

Gerald Ortiz y Pino (D) (505-986-4380)

Mary Kay Papen (D) (505-986-4270)

David Ulibarri (D) (505-986-4260)

It may come to Judiciary at which time there needs to be an absolute vote here. Note replication of signers McSorley, Grubesic, Lopez.

JUDICIARY: Monday, Wednesday & Friday - 2:30 p.m. (Room 321)

Cisco McSorley-Chair (D) (505-986-4485)

Richard C. Martinez-Vice Chair (D) (505-986-4389)

John T.L. Grubesic (D) (505-986-4260)

Linda M. Lopez (D) (505-986-4737)

Lidio G. Rainaldi (D) (505-986-4310)

Michael S. Sanchez (D) Senate majority Leader (505-986-4727)

Website for the new Mexico Legislature for daily updates:

The one thing that is most evident to me is that this is merely a game of strategic positioning against the time factor. When I first got the list and saw that all three Senate committees have five Dems and four Republicans listed, I knew that this resolution could actually get passed. It is widely reported that non of the Republicans will vote for it, so that means it’s up to the Dems to do the job even though leadership has not made it easy to accomplish.

More than ever before, I understand that what you see is NOT what you get! How has this country ever survived such political illusions? It seems to be the case of: take five steps forward and six back because we forgot to say “Mother/Father, May I?”

The learning curve is steep, but after all this, if it does pass both Senate and House, reportedly this resolution does not need to go to the governor. We have until March 16th to accomplish this. Although my urge is to surge to the fore, another voice says lets take this one step at a time.

This morning’s latest news is, according to Rules Chair, Senator Linda Lopez’s office; the Impeachment resolution may likely come to a vote sometime next week.

That’s where we are at this time folks. I will be attending the committee meetings and reporting to you here on the outcome.

With the New Mexican Enchanting clear blue skies breaking through the winter doldrums, and with Punxsutawney Phil reporting an early Spring on Candlemas Day, I wish us all a peaceful solution to the world’s differences.

Con Amore,

~ mek


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NM Lawmakers Launch Impeachment Resolution of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney

Gem Fire Air
NM Lawmakers Launch Impeachment Resolution of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney
marty kleva

January 27, 2007
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Note: This is the first of a series of articles documenting the New Mexico State Legislation calling for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney that will be written until the end of the session March 16, 2007, or until the Resolution SJR5 is permanently tabled or defeated.

>>>> May Peace Be Known Across The World <<<<

In the history of the United States, and in the ultimate survival of the Bush Administration, January 23rd, 2007 could be a defining moment. It is the day that George Bush delivered his 6th State of The Union Address (SOTU) to the newly elected Democratic Majority Congress. It was also the first SOTU address delivered in this nation’s history with a woman, Nancy Pelosi, presiding as Speaker of The House.

Simultaneously, earlier in the day, in the state of New Mexico, Senators Ortiz y Pino of Albuquerque and John Grubesic of Santa Fe, announced that they had introduced a resolution to the New Mexico Forty-Eighth Session Legislature calling for the Impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney, named: (SJR5) Impeachment of George Bush.

The issue of impeaching George Bush has been almost as old as this administration has been in office. To my knowledge, soon after the Patriot Act was passed, one of the first movements calling for GW’s impeachment was born. Since then there has been a surge of various groups calling for impeachment, a surge of sentiment much different than that called for lately by George Bush when he announced his “new” policy on Iraq saying that he would be deploying “twenty thousand plus” more troops to the Middle East in a “surge” to win this war — a war that has created more terror than it has rhetorically declared itself against.

In a new Congress that has been clearly given a mandate to end the war in Iraq, where Republicans have lost the overwhelming majority they formerly held on this issue alone, one might think that the call for impeachment would be one of the priorities of this new Congress. One of the main complaints by the Democratic Party about the former Republican majority is that there was no oversight of the Bush Administration. The Dems now have that majority and hold the leadership positions in committees and the power to begin Impeachment hearings. Yet we hear the Democratic House Leader say that impeachment is a tabled issue.

All this in the face of the latest Newsweek and USA Gallup Poll showing that at least 51% of Americans favor the Impeachment of George W. Bush, while a 1-3-07 Harris Poll shows 56% of Americans want impeachment investigations carried on.

One has to wonder how much more evidence this administration must accumulate to its record of violating the law to convince this Congress that the topic of the Impeachment of George W. Bush is in the forefront of American minds rather than being on the back burner.

Perhaps what is simultaneously overwhelming is the appalling reality that it will be a nasty job to undertake, and these national politicians are not up to creating a wave in their mutually supported corporate waterbed. So goes the feasibility for a two-party system — right down the drain.
And so, the onus must once again fall to the people to pick up the reins of Democracy and hold the Congressional cold feet to the fire.

Enter, a groundswell from New Mexico that began convincing Senators Ortiz y Pino and Grubesic to introduce SJR5 Impeachment of George Bush to the state legislature that can force this issue to the floor of the U.S. Congress.

In the ultimate wisdom of the creators of this country, Thomas Jefferson wrote out a manual containing rules of law that allows a state legislature to bring forth a resolution of impeachment to the federal Congress.

To date several other states have also introduced such a resolution, but failed to pass it. As announced on January 23rd, New Mexico has begun such proceedings. The process will take place over the next several weeks having to move through the Rules, Public Affairs, and Judiciary Committee, before it can ultimately be voted upon by the entire legislature. This legislative session ends sometime in March and such a challenge to move a bill through 3 committees is not considered favorable.

New Mexico’s resolution has drawn nationwide attention and is reported by such influential Internet media as, Huffington,, and

At first glance, this may appear to be a national Congressional issue and many mistakenly dismiss it as such, but in fact it is the people of the entire nation that have a stake here, each one of us as citizens has a Constitutional duty to perform — to be informed of what has occurred, to know what constitutes an impeachable offense, and to learn the definition of high crimes and misdemeanors.

As a New Mexican myself, I believe that all Americans can also consider themselves to be New Mexicans by proxy and call the Senators of the NM Legislature and encourage them to support this Resolution “(SJR5) Impeachment of George Bush”, and to urge them to do all they can to move this bill through the three committees. There is a very easy to manage website designed especially for this session that lists the phone numbers and websites of all the Senators. Write to them or call them to voice your concerns and opinion on this matter.

The resolution, SJR5 Impeachment of George Bush, has five main charges warranting the impeachment and removal from office of George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney:

WHEREAS, George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney conspired with others to defraud the United States of America by intentionally misleading congress and the public regarding the threat from Iraq in order to justify a war in violation of Title 18 United States Code, Section 371; and

WHEREAS, George W. Bush has admitted to ordering the national security agency to conduct electronic surveillance of American civilians without seeking warrants from the foreign intelligence surveillance court of review, duly constituted by congress in 1978, in violation of Title 50 United States Code, Section 1805; and

WHEREAS, George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney conspired to commit the torture of prisoners in violation of Title 18 United States Code, Chapter 113C, the United Nations Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment and the Geneva Conventions, which under Article VI of the United States constitution are part of the "supreme Law of the Land"; and

WHEREAS, George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney acted to strip American citizens of their constitutional rights by ordering indefinite detention without access to legal counsel, without charge and without the opportunity to appear before a civil judicial officer to challenge the detention, based solely on the discretionary designation by the president of a United States citizen as an "enemy combatant", all in subversion of law; and

WHEREAS, in all of this, George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney have acted in a manner contrary to their trust as president and vice president, subverting constitutional government to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice and to the manifest injury of the people of New Mexico and of the United States of America; and

WHEREAS, petitions from the country at large may be presented by the speaker of the United States house of representatives, according to Clause 3 of House Rule XII; and

WHEREAS, Section 603 of Thomas Jefferson's Manual on Parliamentary Practice and of the Rules of the United States House of Representatives states that impeachment may be set in motion by charges transmitted from the legislature of a state;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO that George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney, by such conduct, warrant impeachment and trial and removal from office and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the United States; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the New Mexico congressional delegation be requested to cause to be instituted in the congress of the United States proper proceedings for the investigation of the activities of George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney, to the end that they may be impeached and removed from their offices; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the secretary of state be instructed to certify and transmit to the speaker of the United States house of representatives and the clerk of the United States house of representatives, under the great seal of the state of New Mexico, a copy of this resolution and its adoption by the legislature of the state of New Mexico. The copies shall be marked with the word "Petition" at the top of the document and contain the original authorizing signature of the secretary of state.

As has been reported here before, one of the gravest and most unconscionable acts this administration has done is to deliberately mislead the country and Congress along with the rest of the world to believe that Sadaam Hussein had WMD’s. Over and over this accusation was intentionally backed up with manufactured and doctored evidence. Our supposed statesmen cajoled and coerced Americans and Congress to believe it was true, and in the process they conveniently presented and forced The Patriot Act through Congress, an Act which stripped every American citizen of their long and hard-fought-for Constitutional Rights.

This administration introduced a wave of paranoid hysteria that has swept through this country like a hoard of locusts, stripping otherwise reasonable citizens of their ability to determine what is truly the greater threat to this country — that being the debasement and shredding of the Constitution of the United States.

Every time George Bush signs a law enacted through Congress, he also places his pen to a “signing statement” that in essence says, “I will follow this law, only when I want to.” It’s akin to swearing to something while placing his hands behind his back and crossing his fingers — a wonderful role model for children to emulate.

There has been much reported about George Bush’s belligerence, but the most offensive and unpardonable of these, reported to be corroborated by three GOP politicians, is the infamous November, 2005 meeting in the Oval Office with Republican Leaders of Congress, where the question of Constitutionality was brought up. Apparently George had it up to his ears hearing about how he couldn’t do what he wanted to, and he ranted in a tantrum saying about the Constitution, "Stop throwing the Constitution in my face! It's just a goddamned piece of paper!"

If so Mr. President, I ask you then what does your presidency stand on sir— your goddammed piece of paper?

What do you as Commander and Chief hold the military troops accountable for if not their oath to uphold the Constitution?

Why else are they in Iraq fighting and dying? Over 3000 Americans reported dead, thousands injured and maimed — tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians dead — all for your goddammed piece of Paper?

For all means and purposes, he might just as well have thrown the Constitution onto the floor and spit and stamped on it. What is more appalling is that there are no reports that anyone present in that meeting challenged him right then and there.

Further, are we all condemned to obsolescence when in his interminable use of double-speak he says, “America, it’s just an idea.”? Did he miss the 200 years of reality since the ratification of the Constitution?

Perhaps it is time for this ‘idea' to become a physical force to be dealt with.

New Mexicans are more than an idea; we are flesh and blood lovers of the Constitution; we are messengers of reason, the deliverers of justice, and the terminators of this madness to spread terror by such abominable means.

Destroying the Constitution by waging wars of deceit and lies are nothing less than the outcome of a Bushite temper tantrum. Instead we should be using diplomatic means to promote peaceful co-existence with those who choose to live differently from us. Do we have any statesmen left in this country? Certainly, Condi Rice and those who represent us diplomatically seem to be more like common thugs with little understanding or desire to act within of a code of diplomatic ethics.

This country’s survival hangs by a precarious thread — a thread nevertheless that is made up of the people who when we come together across party lines, can pull us through this most decadent period in our history.

It is time to send a second message to Congress and to any future presidents, that the people of America are not ruled by a monarchy, nor do we support a fascist state. It is time to tell Congress that we hold them accountable to uphold the Constitution and investigate the criminal misconduct of GW Bush and Dick Cheney. GW Bush has it all upside down; not he, but the people are the Deciders, he is not above the law but must obey the rule of law just like everyone else, even if he thinks he has a private line to God.

What can be more important than this? To ignore that it has happened and think that we can survive the next two years with these two men in office is the most absurd, immature, and unrealistic patrimonial denial of duty for any politician to harbor. It smacks of a fear to do one’s duty — a cowardly resistance to accept an undeniable reality.

Every American is also a New Mexican. Call the New Mexico Senators to encourage them to support Senators Ortiz y Pino and Grubesic by voting to pass bill SJR5.

Send the unequivocal message to stand and deliver the Constitution back to this country’s people!

In the service of the Exploration of Peace, I bid you all hayam’ (love that wanders the earth).

Con Amore,

~ mek

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>Constitutional Basis for Impeachment:

>Grounds for Impeachment:

>Proposed Articles of Impeachment:

>What are Impeachable Offenses?:

>Rules and Laws Relating to Bush Impeachment (Jefferson Manual):

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